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Mock up of new virsh help output

Feel free to directly edit this, rearrange things, etc.

It's version controlled, so if you screw it up too badly we can get it back with 2 mouse clicks. :)

Proposed virsh help

virsh # help

   CPU Management (help keyword 'cpu')
   cpu-baseline    compute baseline CPU
   cpu-compare     compare host CPU with a CPU described by an ...
   maxvcpus        connection vcpu maximum
   setvcpus        change number of virtual CPUs
   vcpucount       domain vcpu counts
   vcpuinfo        detailed domain vcpu information
   vcpupin         control domain vcpu affinity

   Device Management (help keyword 'device')
   attach-device   attach device from an XML file
   attach-disk     attach disk device
   detach-device   detach device from an XML file
   detach-disk     detach disk device
   update-device   update device from an XML file

   Domain Management (help keyword 'domain')
   autostart       autostart a domain
   create          create a domain from an XML file
   destroy         destroy a domain
   define          define (but don't start) a domain from an XML...
   domid           convert a domain name or UUID to domain id
   domuuid         convert a domain name or id to domain UUID
   domjobinfo      domain job information
   domjobabort     abort active domain job
   domname         convert a domain id or UUID to domain name
   domxml-from-native Convert native config to domain XML
   domxml-to-native Convert domain XML to native config
   dump            dump the core of a domain to a file for anal...
   dumpxml         domain information in XML
   edit            edit XML configuration for a domain
   managedsave     managed save of a domain state
   managedsave-remove Remove managed save of a domain
   memtune         Get/Set memory paramters
   migrate         migrate domain to another host
   migrate-setmaxdowntime set maximum tolerable downtime
   reboot          reboot a domain
   restore         restore a domain from a saved state in a file
   resume          resume a domain
   save            save a domain state to a file
   schedinfo       show/set scheduler parameters
   setmem          change memory allocation
   setmaxmem       change maximum memory limit
   shutdown        gracefully shutdown a domain
   start           start a (previously defined) inactive domain
   suspend         suspend a domain
   ttyconsole      tty console
   undefine        undefine an inactive domain

   Domain Monitoring (help keyword 'monitor')
   domblkinfo      domain block device size information
   domblkstat      get device block stats for a domain
   domifstat       get network interface stats for a domain
   dominfo         domain information
   dommemstat      get memory statistics for a domain
   domstate        domain state
   list            list domains

   Host and Hypervisor (help keyword 'host')
   capabilities    capabilities
   connect         (re)connect to hypervisor
   freecell        NUMA free memory
   hostname        print the hypervisor hostname
   uri             print the hypervisor canonical URI

   Management of Secrets (help keyword 'secrets')
   secret-define   define or modify a secret from an XML file
   secret-dumpxml  secret attributes in XML
   secret-set-value set a secret value
   secret-get-value Output a secret value
   secret-undefine undefine a secret
   secret-list     list secrets

   Network Filtering (help keyword 'filter')
   nwfilter-define define or update a network filter from a...
   nwfilter-undefine undefine a network filter
   nwfilter-dumpxml network filter information in XML
   nwfilter-list   list network filters
   nwfilter-edit   edit XML configuration for a network filter

   Networking (help keyword 'network')
   net-autostart   autostart a network
   net-create      create a network from an XML file
   net-define      define (but don't start) a network from...
   net-destroy     destroy a network
   net-dumpxml     network information in XML
   net-edit        edit XML configuration for a network
   net-list        list networks
   net-name        convert a network UUID to network name
   net-start       start a (previously defined) inactive network
   net-undefine    undefine an inactive network
   net-uuid        convert a network name to network UUID

   Network Interfaces (help keyword 'interface')
   attach-interface attach network interface
   detach-interface detach network interface
   iface-list      list physical host interfaces
   iface-name      convert an interface MAC address to inte...
   iface-mac       convert an interface name to interface M...
   iface-dumpxml   interface information in XML
   iface-define    define (but don't start) a physical host...
   iface-undefine  undefine a physical host interface (remo...
   iface-edit      edit XML configuration for a physical ho...
   iface-start     start a physical host interface (enable ...
   iface-destroy   destroy a physical host interface (disab...

   Nodes (help keyword 'node')
   nodeinfo        node information
   nodedev-list    enumerate devices on this host
   nodedev-dumpxml node device details in XML
   nodedev-dettach dettach node device from its device driver
   nodedev-reattach reattach node device to its device driver
   nodedev-reset   reset node device
   nodedev-create  create a device defined by an XML file o...
   nodedev-destroy destroy a device on the node

   Snapshots (help keyword 'snapshot')
   snapshot-create Create a snapshot
   snapshot-current Get the current snapshot
   snapshot-delete Delete a domain snapshot
   snapshot-dumpxml Dump XML for a domain snapshot
   snapshot-list   List snapshots for a domain
   snapshot-revert Revert a domain to a snapshot

   Storage Pools (help keyword 'pool')
   find-storage-pool-sources discover potential storage poo...
   find-storage-pool-sources-as find potential storage pool...
   pool-autostart  autostart a pool
   pool-build      build a pool
   pool-create     create a pool from an XML file
   pool-create-as  create a pool from a set of args
   pool-define     define (but don't start) a pool from an ...
   pool-define-as  define a pool from a set of args
   pool-destroy    destroy a pool
   pool-delete     delete a pool
   pool-dumpxml    pool information in XML
   pool-edit       edit XML configuration for a storage pool
   pool-info       storage pool information
   pool-list       list pools
   pool-name       convert a pool UUID to pool name
   pool-refresh    refresh a pool
   pool-start      start a (previously defined) inactive pool
   pool-undefine   undefine an inactive pool
   pool-uuid       convert a pool name to pool UUID

   Storage Volumes (help keyword 'volume')
   vol-create      create a vol from an XML file
   vol-create-from create a vol, using another volume as input
   vol-create-as   create a volume from a set of args
   vol-clone       clone a volume.
   vol-delete      delete a vol
   vol-wipe        wipe a vol
   vol-dumpxml     vol information in XML
   vol-info        storage vol information
   vol-list        list vols
   vol-pool        returns the storage pool for a given ...
   vol-path        returns the volume path for a given ...
   vol-name        returns the volume name for a given ...
   vol-key         returns the volume key for a given ...

   Virsh itself (help keyword 'virsh')
   cd              change the current directory
   console         connect to the guest console
   echo            echo arguments
   exit            quit this interactive terminal
   help            print help
   pwd             print the current directory
   quit            quit this interactive terminal
   version         show version
   vncdisplay      vnc display
virsh #