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Avahi TXT support

Currently libvirtd advertises through Avahi. However it doesn't advertise enough information that you can actually connect to it.

libvirtd should advertise optional information such as port numbers, types of hypervisor, types of security and so on through Avahi TXT fields.

I have currently created some code that even goes much further than that. Domumdns publishes all information about a running domu and dom0. It might be interesting to incorporate this into libvirtd. The possibilities this creates allow an arbitrary host on the network to query the location of a domu and connect to it. If this code is also put in virsh, then we have our distributed solution. To not enforce anything on anyone else ;) I have created some morge gadgets around Avahi/libvirtd such as bidding for newly created VMs, that might be to far outside of the scope of libvirt ;) --Skinkie 20:34, 28 August 2008 (EDT)