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libvirt Todo List / Roadmap

Libvirt does not maintain an authoritatize todo list. The closest thing is a list of open feature requests in the bug tracker, listed below. An open RFE does not imply that we are committing to include it in libvirt, just that someone thought it might be a useful feature. Discussion for final approval always takes place on the development mailing list.

If you intend to work on one of the items here, be sure to add a comment in the corresponding bugzilla ticket to this effect, to avoid risk of duplicated effort between developers. It is also strongly recommended to mail the development mailing list with proposals for new APIs & XML before fully implementing them, to allow for early design review.

For historical reference, you may also wish to view the old TODO list.

If you are a new contributor looking for introductory task, please see the Libvirt BiteSizedTasks page.

Open RFE bugs

This list is pulled directly from our upstream bug tracker. See our Bug Reporting page for more details. The specific query for this bug list is:

[Bug 461931] RFE: storage: provide a capabilities API to list volume formats, APIs, etc

[Bug 508645] RFE: qemu: Support a managed autoconnect mode for host USB devices
[Bug 508662] RFE: qemu: support qemu snapshot=on with <transient/> disk XML
[Bug 509164] RFE: domain: metadata: track VM OS/distro value in the XML
[Bug 515290] RFE: storage: provide API for verification of storage volume integrity (qemu-img check)
[Bug 515295] RFE: storage: provide API for verification & fixing of storage pools (fsck)
[Bug 524205] RFE: storage: add jobs API support, allow cancelling volume create/clone operations
[Bug 533193] RFE: network: Add iptables rules to a custom chain - allows users to insert rules before libvirt's rules
[Bug 579027] RFE: virsh: add bash completion
[Bug 636027] RFE: Lifecycle events: Events for storage pools, interfaces, and node devices
[Bug 636101] RFE: docs: Documented minimum scalability limits for APIs.
[Bug 636102] RFE: docs: Document minimum intended scalability limits for XML configs
[Bug 636108] RFE: interface: provide NetworkManager backend for configuring host interfaces
[Bug 636133] RFE: log download: API for retrieving important log files off the host
[Bug 636134] RFE: coredump download: API to allow download of VM coredumps
[Bug 636146] RFE: QEMU containers: isolate QEMU vms using containers
[Bug 636150] RFE: certmaster: integrate with certmaster for deploying x509 certificates
[Bug 636152] RFE: secrets: encrypt the local secrets data files
[Bug 636153] RFE: secrets: integrate with libsecret for gnome-keyring, ksecretservice
[Bug 636156] RFE: security: restore original file label/owner
[Bug 636163] RFE: qemu: support input-send-event for mouse input
[Bug 636173] RFE: tests: add CIL test for qemu job mutex validation
[Bug 666556] RFE: network: XML support for specifying arbitrary dhcp-option
[Bug 679117] RFE: qemu: support user/slirp hostfwd and guestfwd
[Bug 683851] RFE: openvz: fill in memory/currentMemory for existing VM
[Bug 741929] RFE: network: allow multiple <forward> specifications
[Bug 745506] RFE: storage: add flag to use O_DIRECT for vol-wipe
[Bug 755535] RFE: security: don't change owner/label unless it's needed for launching qemu (like for /dev/sr0)
[Bug 768054] RFE: qemu: pass "migrate" string to Prepare hook so apps can distinguish migration
[Bug 781467] RFE: virsh: 'console' support for non-PTY (unix, tcp)
[Bug 810491] RFE: Look for CA certs in system-wide CA certificate database
[Bug 816667] RFE: storage: add API for volume pull and rebase
[Bug 821508] RFE: storage: refresh dir pool on listVol call if dir timestamps have changed
[Bug 824573] RFE: network: support more dnsmasq DHCP options
[Bug 825939] RFE: qemu: support -net downscript=
[Bug 826044] RFE: option to inhibit shutdown through systemd if VMs are running
[Bug 835480] RFE: virsh: support '-' as placeholder for /dev/stdin or /dev/stdout
[Bug 861345] RFE: qemu: support usb-uas (USB attached SCSI)
[Bug 861437] RFE: logging: Rewrite syslog logging target to be async signal safe & more flexible
[Bug 872639] RFE: streams: Add support for SIG_WINCH in virsh console / virStream APIs
[Bug 882945] RFE: qemu: allow configuring VNC TLS per-VM
[Bug 893936] RFE: domain: accept floats in memory size XML
[Bug 913446] RFE: network: allow configuring dhcp lease time
[Bug 913576] RFE: qemu: support change of VNC listen address for running VM
[Bug 914883] RFE: domain: allow specifying USB devices by their host port
[Bug 917702] [rfe] add usb-bot device support
[Bug 960981] RFE: network: support starting virtual network on demand with first VM usage
[Bug 993554] RFE: Provide a better way to handle transient guests, especially log files
[Bug 1014554] RFE: network: add API to restart virtual networks and preserve VM connectivity
[Bug 1044691] RFE: support snapshot-revert for --disk-only snapshots
[Bug 1045039] RFE: qemu: Provide a per-VM way to not have libvirt strip emulator capabilities
[Bug 1045069] RFE: qemu:///session mode for root
[Bug 1045107] RFE: virsh: Support network disk parameters for attach-disk
[Bug 1058071] RFE: test: Support device update/attach/detach APIs in test driver
[Bug 1059624] RFE: lxc: support configuring static IP address in domain XML
[Bug 1059630] RFE: lxc: support configuring guest network device name in domain XML
[Bug 1059637] RFE: lxc: support automatically creating host VLAN devices per container
[Bug 1060287] RFE: support pools of thin lvm
[Bug 1063024] RFE: migrate: allow --tunnelled with --copy-storage-all
[Bug 1070411] RFE: domain: Add <creationTime> timestamp
[Bug 1079088] RFE: network: add explicit XML support for virtual network port forwarding
[Bug 1107842] RFE: expose much more qemu capabilities in domcapabilites output
[Bug 1118334] RFE: qemu: support -iscsi initiator-name=
[Bug 1118756] RFE: storage: gluster: support vol-download and vol-upload
[Bug 1127453] RFE: network: support net-update for <domain name=XXX/>
[Bug 1158091] RFE: storage: Add supporting gluster/iscsi as backing file when create a volume
[Bug 1191229] RFE: test: Allow passing in custom capabilities XML to the test driver
[Bug 1244093] RFE: virsh: support regex/glob domain start/destroy/etc
[Bug 1273910] RFE: add timeout option for virConnectOpen
[Bug 1275358] RFE: vbox: support cdrom media change for virtualbox >= 4 ('Unsupported device type 1' error)
[Bug 1319527] RFE: Add API to list libvirt APIs implemented by the hypervisor driver
[Bug 1324006] RFE: storage: don't use qemu-img convert if cloning volume without format conversion, just us cp method
[Bug 1324188] RFE: allow sharing libvirt/qemu.conf between system and session daemon
[Bug 1326136] RFE: find a way to make VM autostart work for socket activated libvirtd
[Bug 1326526] RFE: domain: automatically generate missing disk target dev=
[Bug 1363800] [RFE] [ESX] libvirt doesn't indicate if a VM is a template or a VM
[Bug 1370936] RFE: suspend/resume all virtual machines on host suspend/resume
[Bug 1374793] RFE: support moving a running domain to an updated QEMU binary
[Bug 1412140] RFE: support QEMU's 9p proxy driver
[Bug 1413596] RFE: Enable MAC spoofing for SR-IOV virtual functions.
[Bug 1416461] RFE: Use qemu's --only-migratable option
[Bug 1417464] RFE: support <sound> hotplug
[Bug 1430270] RFE: add virStorageVolRename API
[Bug 1448926] RFE: Provide host IP address variable for network filters
[Bug 1485793] [RFE] Add default display resolution xres and yres for qxl and virtio gpu
[Bug 1500300] RFE: qemu:///system option to auto lookup drm rendernode for spice GL
[Bug 1515817] [RFE] provide access to information from QEMU Guest Agent
[Bug 1561235] RFE: virConnectGetAllDomainStats doesn't work with LXC
[Bug 1572295] RFE: virsh: Export snapshot to new VM (clone from snapshot)
[Bug 1577842] RFE: make UNIX socket path configurable for virtlockd/virtlogd
[Bug 1578836] RFE: Add detection of changed storage volumes
[Bug 1584651] RFE: iface-dumpxml should include all active and --inactive conifg
[Bug 1585991] RFE: support qemu ppc64 powernv machine
[Bug 1590544] RFE: split autostart code
[Bug 1593897] [RFE] Support for consuming pre-setup macvtap devices
[Bug 1595931] RFE: qemu: support for scsi-disk/ide rotation_rate
[Bug 1612368] RFE: QEMU bios debug console
[Bug 1612823] [RFE] Add support for QEMU's input-linux