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This is the libvirt Wiki for user contributed content.

Due to frequent attacks from spammers who are able to defeat the various anti-spam measures, it has become necessary to disable new account creation.

We still welcome contributions from anyone interested in updating content. Simply send an email to the main libvirt development list asking for an account and one will be created for you with as little delay as practical. Please tell us your preferred wiki user name in the email - if you have no preferences we will create one with "ForenameSurname" style.

General project documentation


  • Chirammal, Mukhedkar, et al., "Mastering KVM Virtualization", 2016, PACKT Publishing, [1]

Guest Management


  • Guest (VM) Lifecycle : Read This First - Introduces the concepts used with guests / virtual machines. Includes things like persistent vs transient domains, creating, starting, stopping domains, saving, restoring, snapshots, and secure wiping of disk images.


Host SCSI device




  • Virtual Networking : Read This First - Introduces the concepts and ideas used in libvirts' networking for guests

Detailed networking pieces



Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Disk and Memory Snapshots

Examples of live block operations



The images in this wiki, along with their Inkscape SVG source, are on this page in one place in case you'd like to use or modify them for your own project:


In case you want to turn on debuging in libvirt follow:

For other (partially automated) debugging techniques, check

Getting started with libvirt development

Here is the list of small tasks that should enable you to start digging into libvirt source code base

Google Summer of Code

There is a separate page dedicated to Google Summer of Code 2019.

Also, the list for future ideas for projects can be found here Google Summer of Code Ideas.

The previous years can be found here: 2018, 2017 and 2016.

There is also a separate page for FAQ.