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libvirt Todo List / Roadmap

Libvirt does not maintain an authoritatize todo list. The closest thing is a list of open feature requests in the bug tracker, listed below. An open RFE does not imply that we are committing to include it in libvirt, just that someone thought it might be a useful feature. Discussion for final approval always takes place on the development mailing list.

If you intend to work on one of the items here, be sure to add a comment in the corresponding bugzilla ticket to this effect, to avoid risk of duplicated effort between developers. It is also strongly recommended to mail the development mailing list with proposals for new APIs & XML before fully implementing them, to allow for early design review.

For historical reference, you may also wish to view the old TODO list.

If you are a new contributor looking for introductory task, please see the Libvirt BiteSizedTasks page.

Open RFE bugs

This list is pulled directly from our upstream bug tracker. See our Bug Reporting page for more details. The specific query for this bug list is:

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