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Latest revision as of 11:48, 25 November 2010


KVM with current sources on SLES 11

Date libvirt-cim Changeset cimtest revision CIMOM FAIL XFAIL SKIP PASS Total Remarks
Oct 17, 2009 988 791 sfcb 3 4 10 158 175

Current Failures

Test Case libvirt-cim changeset cimtest revision CIMOM Issue Person Assigned Remarks
RASDIndications - 01_guest_states_rasd_ind.py 988 791 sfcb ERROR - Did not recieve indication KVM_ResourceAllocationSettingDataDeletedIndication
RASDIndications - 02_guest_add_mod_rem_rasd_ind.py 988 791 sfcb ERROR - Did not recieve indication KVM_ResourceAllocationSettingDataModifiedIndication
VirtualSystemManagementService - 22_addmulti_brg_interface.py 988 791 sfcb ERROR - IP address is in use by a different network

ERROR - Failed to create Virtual Network 'my_network0'

ERROR - Unable to create network pool my_network0n