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Edit this page Even for better understanding how a wiki works I recommend you to edit this page

  Headlines are created by writing several = sign at the very beginning and (sic!) the end of the line 
  ===== small headline =====
  == big headline ==
  = top headline =

  A Short-Link is put in double brackets.                 
  [1] makes a link leaving this wiki.
  !nice text make you read "nice text".

emphasizing is done easy:

  • bold
  • italic

Also use html!

  you can use [html ] quite everywhere
Enumerations and Lists
  # at the very beginning of the line gives a numbered list
  ## gives a nested numbered list
  ### _imagine ..._
  * returns a bulleted list
  ***  _just nesting a bit_      

Other useful stuff
blank lines sperate paragraphs. 
and if you like these boxes, just do an insertion of at least one space on every line.

Finally and most complex: Tables

Oh, I forgot tables. Tables quite complex here. We have to write a lot of coloums here:

This is the table header
this one is part of the body
intentionally left blank
you can do other funny things

Have fun.

I encourage you again to change to editing mode.

And thanks for adding more content as well.