Google Summer of Code FAQ

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Google Summer of Code FAQ

What is it?

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an internal program which aims on promoting Open Source Software and teaching students contributing to it. For their efforts, students are rewarded with stipends provided by Google. During summer break students work on ideas for OSS projects while selected mentors from the projects help them, provide support and review.

I want to apply to Google Summer of Code

Awesome! This is the right place to seek for more info. Keep on reading.

What are the requirements to be accepted for GSoC?

Apart from official requirements you will have to meet the following:

Wait, what interview?

No worries. Interview is a great opportunity for both sides to ask questions. It is usually done via IRC. It consists of a coding exercise where you can prove your coding skills, and some generic chat about programming, the project and idea you applied for. Some examples of previous coding exercises can be found here:

How to apply to Google Summer of Code?

Ideally, before applying for GSoC idea in the system you should contact the respective mentor for the idea to discuss the idea, its requirements and so on.