Google Summer of Code 2017

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Google Summer of Code 2017


Like in the previous years, libvirt is willing to apply for Google Summer of Code 2017. The program has been announced. This page lists accepted projects only. For the list of ideas go here.


  • IRC (GSoC specific): #qemu-gsoc on
  • IRC (development and general): #virt on
  • libvir-list

Please contact the respective mentor for the idea you are interested in. For general questions feel free to contact me: Michal Prívozník (IRC nick: mprivozn).


The timeline is to be found here.

Project ideas

The list of project ideas can be found here.

Accepted projects

The list of accepted projects (with student assigned) should go here.


=== TITLE ===
 '''Summary:''' Short description of the project
 Detailed description of the project.
 * Wiki links to relevant material
 * External links to mailing lists or web sites
 * Skill level: beginner or intermediate or advanced
 * Language: C
 * Student: Name and email address
 * Mentors: Email address and IRC nick
 * Suggested by: Person who suggested the idea