Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP)

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Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP)

Cloud Computing / Infrastructure as a Service Platform based on Libvirt API

Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) is a programmable virtual cloud infrastructure for businesses who are looking to design, deploy and manage virtual applications in the cloud and in the process significantly reduce administrative and systems workload. Our browser-based dashboard enables IT personnel to efficiently plan deployments, automate VM scaling and load-balancing; and, analyze, configure and optimize cloud capacity in an easy-to-use utility. We've designed the ECP platform to work alongside your current virtual data center, providing additional value and cost savings.

Specific Features

  • Multiple physical servers can be managed as a single virtual cluster
  • Highly efficient user management core system
  • Virtual application wizard to help facilitate the automation of cloud deployment and configuration
  • Decentralized application repository (App Store)
  • A web services API
  • Manage Virtual Infrastructure on Linux, Microsoft, Windows, Solaris and BSD Guests
  • Support for a Variety of virtualization environments including Xen, KVM, VMware
  • Manage and scale a public computing utility such as Amazon EC2 into a quarantined virtual infrastructure ("Virtual Private Cloud").
  • Open Source License


  • Provision any server in seconds, without downtime.
  • Fully customizable and extensible infrastructure
  • Cloud portability and interoperability
  • Combine the resources of many servers into a single, seamless, sharable cloud
  • Make data center resources rapidly available to any application without incurring provisioning costs and without disruption. Instant recovery and live maintenance
  • Efficient correlation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and virtual applications under one management platform
  • Automatically scale to sudden and extreme spikes in demand using local and remote clouds (“Cloud Bursting”)
  • Multi-tenet applications sharing resources when needed
  • Build any size virtual application
  • Automate remedial actions, as well as scaling up and down
  • Interface your existing billing, accounting and user management systems with an open API.
  • Support is provided for a variety of virtualization and data center management technologies