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A list of known bugs. If a test fails due to a known issue, it will return an XFAIL status with the corresponding bug number.

Known Provider Issues

Bug Number Description Platforms Affected Fixed up stream? /

Revision Number / Release Version

00001 RequestStateChange() does not support an empty bootloader tag. This is a libvirt issue. Xen, KVM (?) Yes
00002 RequestedState property in ComputerSystem is not getting populated Xem, KVM (?) Yes / 638 / 0.5.1
00003 ModifyResourceSettings doesn't work for cpu numbers Xen,KVM (?) Yes / 596 / 0.5
00004 NetworkPort instance is not returned for a guest created with a user interface type KVM (user) Yes / 641 / 0.5.1
00005 libvirt does not support rebooting the KVM / LXC guest. KVM, LXC No
00006 libvirt does not support virConnectGetVersion function. LXC No
00007 Provider does not use Linux_ComputerSystem instead of HostSystem when sblim base provider installed. Xen, KVM, LXC Yes / 740 / 0.5.3
00008 libvirt does not persist the XML during a define call when a containers guest is running. LXC No
00009 libvirt allows the user to specify a mouse with "xen" bus type. LXC No
00010 AutomaticRecoveryAction is set to 2 for libvirt-cim F9 rpm. This is a libvirt bug. KVM Yes
00011 Libvirt doesn't support suspending or resuming LXC guests. LXC No
00012 Providers don't support offline state change of guests. The DMTF definition of offline: "Enabled but Offline (6) indicates that the element might be completing commands, and will drop any new requests." Xen, XenFV, KVM, LXC No
00013 The property of 'VirtualQuantity' of ProcRASD=0 for running guest. This is due to the side effects of the libvirt API virDomainGetVcpus() problem. KVM No
00014 If the guest doesn't have a graphics device, then libvirt won't include an input device when the guest is defined (even if one is specified in the XML). Xen, XenFV, KVM No
00015 'add_net_res' doesn't support adding bridge type network interface. KVM No
00016 NetRASD enumeration of Libvirt-CIM does not fill all the VSI field details



Cimtest Defects

Bug Number Description Group Fixed up stream? /

Revision Number / Release Version

00001 - Fix number of RASD objects. HostSystem No
00002 - Unable to create ResourcePool. ResourcePoolConfigurationService No
00003 - Fix number of ResourcePool returned. SettingsDefineCapabilities No

All these 5 tests fail because they try to create two diskpools using the same subnet. This was allowed in older libvirt (0.6.3), but newer libvirt (0.8.1) has fixed this issue.

Talk to me for more info.

VirtualSystemManagementService No
00005 ERROR - Mismatch in the profiles registered

Slp returned profile --> Simple Identity Management', 'Virtual System Migration', 'Generic Device Resource Virtualization', 'Sensor', 'CPU', 'SMI-S', 'Virtual System > Profile', 'Host LAN Network Port', 'Software Inventory', 'Record Log', 'Power State Management', 'Service Processor', 'System Memory', 'Base Server', 'Power Supply', > 'Server', 'Ethernet Port', 'Indication', 'DNS Client', 'System Virtualization', 'Memory Resource Virtualization', 'Physical Asset', 'Software', 'OS Status', 'Profile > Registration', 'KVM Redirection', 'Resource Allocation', 'Indicator LED', 'IP Interface'

Libvirt-CIM expected profiles --> Virtual System Profile', 'Allocation Capabilities', 'KVM Redirection', 'System Virtualization', 'Virtual System Migration', 'Generic > Device Resource Virtualization', 'Memory Resource Virtualization', 'Resource Allocation'

Based on the above we missed "Allocation Capabilities" profile from the "Slp returned profile" set. But this is present in the below list of attributes:

Python test script is not working properly. Use the above slptool command and then compare with "Libvirt-CIM expected rofiles"

Profiles No