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A list of known bugs. If a test fails due to a known issue, it will return an XFAIL status with the corresponding bug number.

Known Provider Issues

Bug Number Description Platforms Affected Fixed up stream? /

Revision Number / Release Version

00001 RequestStateChange() does not support an empty bootloader tag. This is a libvirt issue. Xen, KVM (?) Yes
00002 RequestedState property in ComputerSystem is not getting populated Xem, KVM (?) Yes / 638 / 0.5.1
00003 ModifyResourceSettings doesn't work for cpu numbers Xen,KVM (?) Yes / 596 / 0.5
00004 NetworkPort instance is not returned for a guest created with a user interface type KVM (user) Yes / 641 / 0.5.1
00005 libvirt does not support rebooting the KVM / LXC guest. KVM, LXC No
00006 libvirt does not support virConnectGetVersion function. LXC No
00007 Provider does not use Linux_ComputerSystem instead of HostSystem when sblim base provider installed. Xen, KVM, LXC Yes / 740 / 0.5.3
00008 libvirt does not persist the XML during a define call when a containers guest is running. LXC No
00009 libvirt allows the user to specify a mouse with "xen" bus type. LXC No
00010 AutomaticRecoveryAction is set to 2 for libvirt-cim F9 rpm. This is a libvirt bug. KVM Yes
00011 Libvirt doesn't support suspending or resuming LXC guests. LXC No
00012 Providers don't support offline state change of guests. The DMTF definition of offline: "Enabled but Offline (6) indicates that the element might be completing commands, and will drop any new requests." Xen, XenFV, KVM, LXC No
00013 The property of 'VirtualQuantity' of ProcRASD=0 for running guest. This is due to the side effects of the libvirt API virDomainGetVcpus() problem. KVM No
00014 If the guest doesn't have a graphics device, then libvirt won't include an input device when the guest is defined (even if one is specified in the XML). Xen, XenFV, KVM No