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Bite Sized Tasks

This page tracks introductory tasks for new libvirt contributors. Code cleanups, bugs, and small features are listed with difficulty ranging from trivial to intermediate.

Bugs tagged with 'LibvirtFirstBug'

Some bugs in the libvirt bugzilla tracker are marked as 'LibvirtFirstBug'. You can see the full list in bugzilla here.

The full query is

Code Cleanups

virsh: drop usage of #include "virsh-edit.c"

The 'virsh *edit' series of commands (virsh edit, virsh net-edit, virsh pool-edit, ...) use an abnormal coding pattern involving various C macros and #include on the virsh-edit.c file. This should be changed so that the same file is not being included over and over again, but its function is called instead, using code callbacks as necessary. To explore a bit, check out:

  • tools/virsh-edit.c code
  • files that match this command: git grep virsh-edit.c tools/*.c

Abstract away most usage of WITH_GNUTLS

The code is filled with WITH_GNUTLS preprocessor macros sprinkled in the middle of functions, altering function signatures, etc. But in libvirt it is customary to use stub functions and abstract structures for this kind of differentiation.

Check out 'git grep WITH_GNUTLS daemon/libvirtd.c'; you will see many uses of WITH_GNUTLS embedded in functions. Instead, find a way to handle most WITH_GNUTLS usage in src/rpc/virnettlscontext.c or similar, and have this be transparent to the other pieces of libvirt that call functions from that file.

For example, 'git grep WIN32 src/util/virfile.c'; you will see how certain functions are entirely stubbed out if we are running on WIN32... this way other places in libvirt code don't need to conditionalize their usage of virfile.c APIs on whether we are WIN32 or not. That should be the example to follow for WITH_GNUTLS as well.

Share cgroup code that is duplicated between QEMU and LXC

Both QEMU and LXC drivers have some similar code when dealing with cgroups. See various routines in src/lxc/lxc_cgroup.c and src/qemu/qemu_cgroup.c, there is lots of opportunity for centralizing functionality in src/util/vircgroup.c. For example:

  • virLXCCgroupSetupBlkioTune() and qemuSetupBlkioCgroup() are similar
  • virLXCCgroupSetupCpuTune() and qemuSetupCpuCgroup() are similar