Google Summer of Code 2022


Like in the previous years, libvirt applied for Google Summer of Code 2022. The program timeline can be found here. This page lists accepted projects only. For the list of ideas go here.


  • IRC (GSoC specific): #qemu-gsoc on

  • IRC (development and general): #virt on

  • libvir-list

Please contact the respective mentor for the idea you are interested in. For general questions feel free to contact me: Michal Prívozník (IRC nick: mprivozn).

Project ideas

The list of project ideas can be found here.

Accepted projects

Extend reported statistics on given guests

Summary: Extend reported statistics

QEMU is gaining introspectable statistics. This is an RFE for follow up work/integration in libvirt. The expected output is more statistics reported, for instance virConnectGetAllDomainStats() and virDomainListGetStats() would report more statistics on given guests.


libvirt-CI: Support for container executions in libvirt's lcitool using a container library binding

Libvirt has a tool called lcitool which is used for managing the CI need for libvirt and related projects. Improvements will be made to the system toward extending the container functionality to build a container locally, and execute workloads in the container. This will give libvirt developers and maintainers the ability to debug in a project specific manner among other use cases. The goal of the project is to use podman-py, a python binding for the RESTful API of podman services , to implement this feature.