Google Summer of Code 2019


Like in the previous years, libvirt applied for Google Summer of Code 2019. The program timeline can be found here. This page lists accepted projects only. For the list of ideas go here.


  • IRC (GSoC specific): #qemu-gsoc on

  • IRC (development and general): #virt on

  • libvir-list

Please contact the respective mentor for the idea you are interested in. For general questions feel free to contact me: Michal Prívozník (IRC nick: mprivozn).


Some of the frequently asked questions among with answers can be found here.

Project ideas

The list of project ideas can be found here.

Accepted projects

Rust bindings for libguestfs

Summary: Create Rust bindings for libguestfs

libguestfs is a library with tools to manipulate disk images. The C library has already lots of bindings, such as Python, Perl, Ruby, OCaml, etc.

The goal of this project is to add also bindings for Rust, extending the internal OCaml tool that generates most of the code needed for each binding, adding the manual bits needed for the Rust binding, and adding tests modelled after the ones already available for other bindings.