libvirt Todo List / Roadmap

This page serves as the central location to record all ideas for future todo items in libvirt / a roadmap for future development. Listing an idea here does not imply that it is committed to for inclusion in libvirt, just that someone thought it might be a useful feature. Discussion for final approval always takes place on the development mailing list.

If you intend to work on one of the items here, be sure to add a comment in the corresponding bugzilla ticket to this effect, to avoid risk of duplicated effort between developers. It is also strongly recommended to mail the development mailing list with proposals for new APIs & XML before fully implementing them, to allow for early design review.

For historical reference, you may also wish to view the old TODO list

Scalability, performance & reliability

The features in this list focus on ensuring that the libvirt API & libvirtd daemon can provide scalable management services, with minimal performance impact on the host and be tolerant against failures.

Networking management

Storage management

Debugging / supportability / diagnostics

Security protection

Hypervisor driver